Blade's artwork.


Blade, or unofficially referred as Blade the Swordsman Hedgehog, Blade is a fan character based on a similar character, Flare the Hedgehog, created by the Newgrounds user Equinox_Twilight, but has a design completely made by other user known as topcat13. He was redesigned from orange to red to make it a new character. He resembles Sonic in many aspects as both are hedgehogs and can perform the Spin Dash as a move and during a jump. Blades does, however, own a sword which he uses in all his attacks and of his attacks are possibly electrically infused. Blade is one of the fastest characters in Super Smash Flash but possibly the weakest character in SSF due to his weak moveset.


Blade SSF

Blade in SSF.

Blade is a fan playable character based off of Equinox-Twilight's creations but was recreated by topcat13. He is a Sonic recolor who wields a sword along with Blue, his clone character. Blade is the weakest character, due to having rarely good KO moves (expect his up attack), making the situation worse to control Blade.


Blade is a fan character specifically created for SSF by topcat13, though he is based on a character created by Equinox-Twilight. In short terms, Blade is basically "Sonic with a sword". Though he has his own moves using the sword, he does have the Sonic's Spin Dash and can also attack by jumping but this doesn't make him a clone of Sonic at all.


Blade's Attacks
Standard Attack Slash
Side Attack Running Slash
Up Attack Upward Slash
Down Attack Spin Dash
Down Aerial Attack Down Slash


  • Blade is one of the characters that his jump is one of his added attacks.
    • The others are Mario, Luigi, Samus, Sonic, Knuckles, Blue and Super Sonic.
  • Blade and Blue are so far the only characters that were announced that there were not making a comeback in Super Smash Flash 2.