Blue's artwork.


Blue, or unofficially refereed as the Blue the Swordsman Hedgehog too, Blue is a secret character derived from the Equinox_Twilight creations and redesigned by topcat13. The relation between him and Blade is totally a mystery, is not known if they are siblings, friends or rivals. He resembles, but in few aspects, Sonic as both are hedgehogs too but have no similar designs which is similar to Knuckles'. Like Blade, he wields a sword which makes him a semi-clone of him. The difference between them is that Blue has more powerful, fire infused attacks, although he is not as fast as Blade.


Blue SSF

Blue in SSF.

He is basically a semi-clone of Blade. However, his attacks are more powerful. He is an unlockable character that could be available by clearing Adventure Mode with Blade on normal or higher.


Blue is another fan character especifically created for SSF by topcat13 but it is based on a character created by Equinox-Twilight. Much like Blade, he is a hedgehog with a sword. This makes him exactly a clone of Blade with almost no difference in attacks, sans cosmetic differences.


Blue's Attacks
Standard Attack Slash
Side Attack Flame Slash
Up Attack Upward Slash
Down Attack Spin Dash
Down Aerial Attack Down Slash


  • Blue is one of the unlockable character that his jump is an attack.
    • The others are Luigi.
  • What makes him different from Blade is that his sword can use fire slashes while Blade is electricity slashes.