Should something terrible be caused again by the Shikon Jewel, whatever it may be, I shall cut it down with my own hands.
— InuYasha

This is InuYasha.


InuYasha was an inu hanyō, son of the Inu no Taishō and human Izayoi. He was pinned to a sacred tree for fifty years by a sacred sealing arrow shot by the priestess Kikyō after he attempted to steal the Shikon no Tama. Kagome Higurashi released his seal, but soon after, shattered the Shikon no Tama. They agreed to work together to recover all the shards that had scattered across Japan. For more info, click here.


InuYasha SSF

InuYasha in SSF.

He appeared as unlockable character in SSF. He was unlocked by clearing Adventure Mode on any difficulty with any character without losing any lives. He wields a sword named the Tessaiga (鉄砕牙, "Iron-Crushing Fang") that he uses along with his Hijin Kessō and Sankon Tessō. He is the only character representation of the InuYasha universe.


InuYasham or Inuyasha, is the half yokai and half human protagonist of the manga and anime series of the same name. He wields a special sword called the Tessaiga, who uses in conjunction to other techniches called Hijin Kessō and Sankon Tessō, which are attacks that involve InuYasha slashing with is claws.


InuYasha's Attacks
Standard Attack Hijin Kessō (飛刃血爪, "Flying Blade Blood Claws")
Side Attack Double Slash
Up Attack Sankon Tessō (Upward) (散魂鉄爪, "Soul-Scattering Iron Claw")
Down Attack Sankon Tessō (Downward) (散魂鉄爪, "Soul-Scattering Iron Claw")
Down Aerial Attack Sankon Tessō (Aerial Downward) (散魂鉄爪, "Soul-Scattering Iron Claw")