Do you ever say anything original?
— Lloyd
Lloyd artwork

Lloyd's artwork.


Lloyd Irving is the main character of Tales of Symphonia, the fifth major release in the Tales series. Once but a simple country boy, Lloyd Irving is thrusted out into a journey of epic proportions following a brutal attack on his village. The Chosen of Regeneration is in fact one of his dearest friends, and after an exile from his home, Lloyd Irving joins her on her Journey of Regeneration. Although the young warrior himself plays no part in the prophecy as such, he is still a strong optimist and a fair leader.


Lloyd SSF

Lloyd in SSF.

Lloyd appears in this game as an unlockable character and the only character representation of the Tales universe. He's unlocked once you accumulate an hour playing Adventure Mode. His sprites are from Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 for the Game Boy Advance.


Lloyd is the main protagonist of another RPG series created by Namco called the Tales series, where his mothership appearance belongs to Tales of Symphonia. He is the only character to wield two swords called the Material Blades, the Flameberge and the Vorpal Sword. While battling, Lloyd uses the artes he has learned from over the years including the Demon Fang, Rising Falcon, etc.


Standard Attack

Sword Rain

Side Attack

Fire Slash

Up Attack


Down Attack

Demon Fang

Down Aerial Attack

Rising Falcon


  • Him and Blue's side attack have a similar name which is called "Fire Slash" for Llpyd and "Flame Slash" for Blue.