It's-a me, Mario!
— Mario

This is Mario.


Mario is a video game character and Nintendo's primary mascot. He has appeared in many games of all genres and he is one of the most recognized characters in the video games industry. He is the main protagonist of the Mario series. With the help of his younger brother Luigi, he protects the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil forces, such as Bowser's ones, and primarily rescues Princess Peach in the series. He appears in both Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2 as a playable character, and was one of the first four characters made playable in the demo. He belongs to the Mario universe along with Luigi, Peach and Bowser who are playable too. He also appears as one of the main heroes in the flash cartoon A Super Mario World.


Mario SSF

Mario's appearance.

Mario is a playable character in Super Smash Flash being the only available starter character from the Mario universe. Due to the limitations, Mario only presents 5 different attacks including some from the Smash series. Mario uses edited Mega Man 8 sprites on this game.


Mario is the protagonist of the Super Mario franchise and the mascot of the company Nintendo. Due to the physics and flaws of SSF, Mario doesn't have his balanced status he has carried over the real Smash Bros. series. Mario can shoot fireballs, can deal high and low kicks as is able to perform an aerial Mario Tornado. His jump also works as an attack.


In addition, his jump animation resembles the Super Jump Punch (just without coins) which also serves as an attack.

Mario's Attacks
Standard Attack Fireball
Side Attack Punch-Kick Combo
Up Attack High-Kick
Down Attack Slide-Kick
Down Aerial Attack Mario Tornado


  • Oddly, in the character selection screen of SSF, Mario is the only character that is facing on the left while the other 27 are facing to the right.