Fool, trying to stop our battle.
— Mewtwo

This is Mewtwo.


is a psychic Pokémon who is a genetically mutated clone of Mew, created by scientists hired by Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni. After Mewtwo became aware of what was happening, it used its psychic powers to destroy the lab, killing everyone in the process. This is similar to Genesect being created by Team Plasma in the newer generations of Pokémon. It is the final boss in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. Right after that it gained levels of power, forcing the player to fight it twice. It later rescues Rand from a different dimension. It is the highest level Pokémon to be caught in Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen, appearing at Level 70 in Cerulean Cave.


Mewtwo SSF

Mewtwo in SSF.

He is the last Pokemon character to be unlock.


Mewtwo is a genetically created clone-Pokémon of Mew, a legendary Pokémon. He belongs to the psychic type and as such uses psychic-based attacks. The absence of hit effects and other common Smash physics, doesn't give Mewtwo any special attributes, for example, while Mewtwo's Confusion in Melee could stun opponents, it doesn't have said attribute in SSF (as stunning is not present anyway) and only deals more damage.


Standard Attack

Mystic Palm

Side Attack


Up Attack


Down Attack

Shadow Ball

Down Aerial Attack



  • All of is attacks are from Melee.
  • According to the McLeodGaming Wiki, Mewtwo might be in SSF2.
    • This goes against the idea that Mewtwo wasn't playable in Brawl.