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Peach's Castle is a stage in Super Smash Flash. Like Emerald Hill Zone and Hyrule Temple, it is a custom stage and has never appeared in any of the Super Smash Bros. games.


The battle takes place in the gardens instead of the castle's roof like in Melee. The player can get down to a second plain that has a warp pipe and pond of water. It is one of the games' largest stages. There are blocks from Super Mario World in this stage that the player can jump onto, but it is very tricky.


This stage's BGM is an incomplete rendition that loops early of the Princess Peach's Castle track from Melee.


Peach's Castle first made an appearance in Super Mario 64, serving as a central hub for the game. After that, the castle began to frequently appear through-out the Mario series, serving as a landmark in the Mushroom Kingdom and is resided by Princess Peach and her servants the Toads.

In Adventure Mode

It serves as the second stage. The player must fight 2 Mario with 1 stock. Both Marios would attack you, not each other since it is an team battle.


  • Ironically, Peach does not appear in the game, yet her stage is in it.