If the world chooses to become my enemy....I will fight like I always have.
— Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog

This is Shadow the Hedgehog.


Shadow the Hedgehog, also known as "The Ultimate Lifeform", is a character from the Sonic franchise. He first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast console. Shadow was created by Professor Gerald Robotnik when the professor and Black Doom collaborated to create the Ultimate Lifeform using Black Doom's blood. Shadow stayed at the Space Colony ARK, forming a close bond with Maria Robotnik. Soon however, when the government had growing concerns over Gerald's work on immortality, the G.U.N invaded the ARK, killed Maria and locked away Shadow for fifty years before he was freed by Dr. Eggman.


Shadow SSF

Shadow the Hedgehog's look.

Shadow made an appearance in Super Smash Flash as an unlockable character. He was unlocked only after Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails have cleared Adventure Mode. He used the sprites from Sonic Battle.


Shadow is the fierce rival of Sonic. He calls himself as the ""Ultimate Lifeform". Shadow's moveset greatly differs from any other Sonic characters as they are based on attacks he can perform with the Chaos Control, however, his jump doesn't serve as an attack.


Shadow the Hedgehog's Attacks
Standard Attack Chaos Twirl
Side Attack Chaos Palm
Up Attack Chaos Swipe
Down Attack Chaos Spin
Down Aerial Attack Pyschic Foot