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Super Mario World is a stage appearing as the first level of the Adventure Mode in Super Smash Flash. As the name implies, it is the ripped level Yoshi's Island 2 from the game Super Mario World. However, the stage itself is not an exact replica of the level as many elements from the original game are missing in the SSF version, ex: Winged Goombas are not found in this level.


The stage possesses platforms from Yoshi's Island 2, although not all are present. Near the beggining is a plateau with some red Koopa Troopas walking on it as well as some used blocks the players can stand on. After passing a long way with more Koopas and encountering the first Winged Goombas, the player finds some Warp Pipes followed by three plateaus to stand on. Above the first of the plateaus there is a platform made of many Lakitu clouds which can be reached only by doing a second jump with the help of some Flip Blocks, a Winged Goomba is also found in there. Following the way, the next plateau is found, though it is a bit smaller than the previous found. Finally, more Koopas, Warp Pipes, and square-shaped Flip-Blocks are found and the Giant Gate to complete the level.




  • One of the gltiches involved this level.